Dedicated to the memory of Mike Wingrave

The funeral service for Mike Wingrave took place on Wednesday 12th September at Christchurch Parish Church with Mr Christopher Howell officiating. The church organist accompanied the hymns “All things bright and beautiful” and “Abide with me”. Recorded processional music was “Close to you” by The Carpenters, during time of reflection “To where you are” by Josh Groban and recessional music “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston. The tribute was given by Mr Brian Cooper.

The bearers were Mssrs. Luke Jones, Dan Jones, Bruce Jones, Darryl Humphries, Steve Tucker and Brian Cooper.

Following the service committal took place at The Forest of Dean Crematorium, where the music on entry was “A man with a child in his eyes” by Kate Bush and on exit “A white sports car and a pink carnation”  

Donations in memory of “Mike” are to benefit Great Western Air Ambulance and these are being received by Ernest Heal & Sons Funeral Directors, 5 South Road, Broadwell, Coleford, Glos GL16 7BH
(Please make cheques payable to Ernest Heal & Sons Donations Account)

Family Mourners
Mrs Madge Wingrave (wife)
Nicky and Bruce Jones (daughter and son in law)
Debbie and Darryl Humphries (daughter and son in law)
Luke and Dan Jones (grandsons)
Donna and David Williams (sister and brother in law)
Brian & Wendy Oliver 
Iris & John Cowley 
Ken & Joan Humphries
Moya Brown (cousin rep Eric)
Joanne Roberts (cousin rep Richard & Helen Brown)
Bethan & Sioned Roberts (cousins)
Lorette & Bernard Stinchcombe 
Craig and Clare Jones 
Aliscia Cox
Dani Beach

Friends at the church
Mrs Diana Nicholls
Deb Burris
Ann Howell (rep Russell family)
Helen Richards (rep Gwyn Richards, Nigel & Mandy Ruck also Philip & Sue Gwynne)
Val Morley
Carol Farr
Mike & Pam Smith
Hilary Revill
John Ricketts 
Sue Church
Mrs Jean Saunders (rep Mrs Joan Saunders)
Frances Powell
Shaun Lee (rep family & Amlee Electricals)
Clifford Jenkins (rep Maureen Jenkins)
Dave Pendrey 
Nina Wallace
Wendy Pomeroy
Mr & Mrs Royston Pritchard
Marian Barker (McCullagh)
Brian & Jill Hayward
Pam Elsmore
Rowland & Eira Elsmore
Josie Smith
Judith Parker
Mrs Viv Knight
John Williams JP (rep Pat Williams)
Matthew Hancock (rep Claire Hancock)
Gordon Matthews (rep Tim Howell)
Tyler Ann Tucker
Mr & Mrs Charles Benson
Shaun Lloyd
Toby Faulkner 
Brian & Brenda Hawkins
Emma Davis (rep Ross Giles)
Mrs Mona Parry (rep family)
Val Sterrett 
Sharon & Martin Lanfear 
Emma Baldwin
Mr J. Panting 
Margaret & Norman Howells
Paula Powell
Sarah Cooper
Marlene & Doug James
Mark Fuszard 
Jay Powell (rep family)
Ron Beddis (rep David Price)
Gary Martin rep family
Hayley Elsmore (rep Dean Elsmore)
Violet Sterry 
Jenny & Mark Westgate
Lorraine Davis
Mrs Jean Jones (rep Mr Tony Jones)
Roger Davey (rep Caroline Davey)
Jane & Richard Bowkett 
Stephen Horne (Oak House)
Sarah & Julian Adams
Rachael James (rep Darren)
Margaret & Graham Yeates (rep Clive Harvey)
Mike Wallace
Michael & Elizabeth Porter
Margaret & Terry Wilce (rep Donna & Martin Harris)
Eddy Bradshaw
Nigel Tippins (rep Ann & Mike Mayers)
Andrew & Sara Jenkins (rep Mrs Iris Jenkins)
Peter Wood (rep Janice)
Dave Smith (rep Sylvia Smith)
Joanne Jenkins (rep S. Jenkins)
Lee Jenkins (rep K. Jenkins)
Michael Wilkins 
Charlotte McKenzie – Rep Sally Taylor
George Stait – Rep Shaun May & Robert Stait
Keith Horrobin & Pam Creed –Rep Kevin & Margaret Horrobin & Families
Julian & Sarah Morton
Mrs Christine Hodges – Rep Glyn Hodges 
Mrs Sally Smith
Iris Thomas Rep Sling Welcome Club & Linda 
Melvin John – Rep Kathleen John
Samantha Jones 
Nigel Jenkins 
Mrs H Guthrie
Christine Edmunds 
Margaret & Paul Morgan 
Anthony Lloyd 
Terry & Kay Lloyd – Rep Brian Meme & Family 
Heather Pomeroy
Ann Morris 
Lawrence & Janet Edmunds 
Eddie & Lyn Cook 
Mr & Mrs Watkins 
Andrew Phipps 
Cathy, Lawrence & Claire Smith
Mr & Mrs Anthony Gwynne 
Mr & Mrs Dave Leach 
Mr & Mrs Colin O ‘Dell 
Sharon Whitehead – Rep Chris Whitehead
Terry Osborne – Rep Janet 
John Henderson 
Richard Darlington – Rep John Darlington 
Wayne Preest 
Roy Sanzen – Baker rep Golf Club 
Terri Tucker - Rep Nathan Tucker 
Sheila Beach Rep Shaun & Abbie Beech 
Edna Buchan
Ivor Ellis – Rep Mrs Ellis 
Albert Weager
George Wyatt
Donna Giles – Rep Ian Giles 
Tracy & Wayne Thomson
Colin Wilson
Nicola Ford
George Martin
Darren Morgan 
Sharon Wood – Rep Mr John Wood
Fred Jenkins rep Pauline Jenkins
Kay & Bob Nelson 
Gareth Baldwin
Mr R Penny – Rep Mr C Punter 
Peter Watkins 
Julia Brooks 
Debbie Priestley
Nicky Cooper – Rep Trini Jones
Jennifer Fuszard
Brian Smith – Rep Terry Preest 
Jason Walding 
Esmee  Walding 
Ryan Walding 
Michael Wadley 
Steve Wood & Melissa Morgan 
Dave Rees – Rep Jaime & Gloria  Rees 
Dave Roberts  Rep Thelma Roberts 
Dawn & Andrew Humphries – Rep Brian & Pam Humphries 
Dave Poyner – Rep Megan 
Dave Moore – Rep Paul & Stephen Moore 
Gordon Baldwin 
Clare & Steve Richards – Rep Hannah Vaughan 
Mrs Hazel Watkins 
Mr Walter Methuen 
Larry & Gill Sterrett
Jeremy Norris 
Malcolm White 
Sue & Shaun Aldous
Cathy Scannell
Shaun Perry- Rep Sally- Anne Acres
Matt Foxwell – Rep Libby Foxwell 
Darren & Emma Boston 
Sylvia Marusic 
Jenny Repper
D W Douglas 
Elsia Cox
Veronica Batts
Daniela Peach
Ingo Kresse 

Geoff Norris
Mr Andrew Edey (postman)
Doreen & Tom Howard
Christine Tonge
Mrs Carol Taylor
Mrs Kath Parsons
Maurice Hale
Jane Russell
Miss Helen Davies
Eric & Yvonne Coldridge
Joe Martin
John and Anita Williams
Mrs Margaret Smith

Funeral arrangements were made by Ernest Heal & Sons Funeral Directors, 5 South Road, Broadwell, Coleford, Glos GL16 7BH

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